Seacurefill Deck Unit™


Specialists in the Prevention of
Overboard Vent Fuel Spills and Fuel Vapor Recovery Systems

Protecting our environment is what we are all about. Our Seacurefill Deck Unit prevents tank vent spills when refueling. With the aid of a slight vacuum on fueling docks, we can capture 100% of the vapors (hydrocarbons) (Greenhouse Gases) while refueling, recycle the vapor and turn it back into liquid fuel within the tank farm, safely and without harm to the environment

The U.S. Coast Guard Department of Recreational Boating, Product Assurance Division and Office of Boating Safety have reviewed our Fuel Vent "No-Spill" system and concluded that it is functional, effective and solves the problem of a fuel vent spill when refueling.  Our Seacurefill Deck Unit  keeps fuel from entering the cockpit, bilge and our water while refueling. It was estimated that in the year 2000, twenty-one thousand tons (21,000) of vapor escaped into our US atmosphere from the refueling of boats. Try to imagine just how big the problem is for the whole world and then add another 7 years to the present time! Now, think backward from 2000, think about how nonchalant we were as to our planet's health, our waters, our air and ourselves.

We believe we have developed the technology and the product to end fuel vent spills that often occurs when a vessel is refueling. Through the installation of our Seacurefill Deck Unit™ on a vessel followed with the proper use of the complete Seacurefill directions while refueling the problem of spilt fuel is eliminated. Our product is simple, very smart and economical. While there may be many different methods and ideas being proposed to prevent fuel vent spills, we believe the use of our Seacurefill Deck Unit™ offers the best solution. Our research has shown that any fuel tank containing a float system in the tank, designed to close off the vent when the tank reaches full capacity will only pressurize the tank and force fuel back out the fill pipe onto the deck of the vessel or into the water. The vent must never be restricted in any way that would prevent the free flow of air. When this happens the tank immediately becomes pressurized. Without exception, our engineers have repeatedly proven this to be the case.

The Seacurefill™ "No-Spill" Fuel Recovery System is for boats of all types, diesel or gasoline, pleasure or commercial. The patented Seacurefill Deck Unit™  solves nasty fueling problems and assists in fuel conservation by allowing excess gasoline and diesel fuel to be contained or vacuumed back to the marina tank farm. The complete system eliminates the nuisance of accidental fuel vent spills and is pre-engineered to handle vapor control, collection and recycling. The "jumper" hose in the picture to the left could just as easily be directed back to the tank farm for complete vapor recovery and recycling. Simple to use, the Seacurefill Deck Unit mounts within close proximity  to the ship's fuel fill on any plane- horizontal, vertical or at an angle! Constructed of 316 Stainless Steel and available in two sizes, 1 1/2" and 2". The 2" Seacurefill Deck Unit is compatible with the higher throughput venting needs of high speed fueling systems. As of this website update, we have made a commitment by reducing our price to make our product affordable to everyone. All of the Seacurefill partners have seen the documentary "An Inconvenient Truth" by Al Gore. We agree with this documentary and have accepted the challenge!

We are now working along with the EPA (OTAQ) with their new proposed rule changes that will affect 2010 model year boats.

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